LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight- NGD Systems

This week, Octane is featuring, NGD Systems, Inc. , a Technology Innovation Forum 2018 LaunchPad Success Story.  NGD Systems is a company that manufactures and markets high capacity NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSD).  LaunchPad is nationally recognized and ranks in...

LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight: Fischer Imaging, Inc.

Our second feature of our LaunchPad Alumni features Fischer Imaging, Inc.  Read below to see what they have been up to since graduating from LaunchPad.

Tell us a bit about your company!

We are developing slot-scanning imaging systems for breast cancer detection.

How did the...

LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight: Agragene

OCTANe has started a mini series featuring LaunchPad Alumni.  We want to share the accolades and achievements that our Alumni have received with the OCTANe ecosystem.

Tell us about your company!

Agragene is an agricultural biotechnology company that is commercializing...

LaunchPad Alumni Company, Conectric, Enhanced by SenSING Collaboration


Building efficiency and well-being is enhanced by Conectric and SenSING collaboration

San Diego, CA December 5, 2019

Conectric Networks is a Southern California based wireless IoT start-up and recent awardee in the Southern California Energy Innovation Network, World...

OCTANe’s Medical Technology Innovation Forum ‘Get Personal’

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., November 11, 2019 OCTANe, Orange County’s technology and life sciences accelerator organization, today announced the continued growth of its signature event, Medical Technology Innovation Forum (MTIF), which was held on October 28-29 at the Newport...

Get In Front Of The Tsunami Of ‘New’: Introducing Brado To the OCTANe Ecosystem

There is a tsunami of ‘new’ coming in healthcare. For healthcare marketers, this is like saying there is oxygen in the air we breathe. ‘New’ is an everyday reality. So how do healthcare marketers and their organizations thrive in an environment where new – data,...

Announcing Record LaunchPad Funding

OCTANe LaunchPad and Alumni Companies have set a record high capital raise in the first half of 2019.  With over $306.7M raised so far, this 6-month period has exceeded any prior full year’s raise. 

Last year, OCTANe reported a record $297.3M for the full year. These...

OCTANe Announces 2019 High Tech Award Winners

Aliso Viejo, Calif., September 16, 2019 — OCTANe, Orange County’s technology and life sciences accelerator organization, today announced the winners of its 2019 High Tech Awards. The awards program, which entered into its twenty-sixth year, honored Orange County-based...

Bill Carpou Featured on Accelerate OC Podcast with Carey Ransom

Bill Carpou, OCTANe CEO, talks with Carey Ransom about the evolution of OCTANe, changes, challenges and more on this Accelerate OC Podcast.  Click on the link below for the full interview!


Looking Back at OCTANe's Past- The Evolution of OCTANe

Let's take a look as to how OCTANe has evolved over the past 10 years.  Watch the video below for a full in depth explanation of where OCTANe started and how we plan to innovate and move forward.

We view the start of OCTANe in 2002 as the creation stage.  We then introduced...