What’s Needed to Emerge from the Global Healthcare Crisis?

Octane reached out to our LaunchPad Alumni and asked them what they needed to successfully emerge from the current global healthcare crisis.  By far, the top need was capital connections, followed by talent acquisition and leadership consulting.  Accounting, finance & advisory, roundtable opportunities and marketing assistance followed behind.  You can find our graphic below based on our survey results.

LaunchPad Survey - Graphic-02

As an organization, we are committed to helping companies rapidly recover during these hard times.  In fact, we have created a specific page, with the help of our partners, to compile a list of resources dedicated to business recovery from COVID-19.  These resources can be found here. Additionally, Octane is working with many of our vetted partners to assist and provide on demand feedback through our virtual programs.  We are ensuring that our content is relevant and timely so that companies can enter back into the workforce stronger than before. 

Our rapid recovery page focuses on key areas, including the top needs of LaunchPad Companies that we have compiled.  These areas include: Government Assistance (CARES Act & More), Banking, Legal, Home and Wellness, Workforce Management (HR, Payroll & Benefits), Accounting, Finance and Business Advisory, Credit Reporting, Managed IT and Digital Office Technology, Real Estate, Cost Containment Regulatory Process and Clinical Trials Capital and Investment Banking, Talent Acquisition, Management and Leadership Coaching, and R&D and Manufacturing Resources.

Throughout this time, we have also been sharing additional content and news through our blog.  Some features that we have include have been: F.A.Q on Coronavirus Relief for Small Businesses, Freelancers and More, the City of Hope developing a vaccine and then getting a vaccine research funded as well as a highlight on our LaunchPad Alumni Companies that are leading the way during this pandemic.

If you are looking for additional information as to ways in which we can help your company recover, please visit our Rapid Recovery page here or email Carol DiStanislao at carol@octaneoc.org.