Top 3 Components Investors are Looking for in a Startup Pitch

Ensuring you tell your company’s story and send the right message is essential when presenting to an investor.  Today we are discussing the top three items investors want to see and hear during your pitch presentation (as well as before you even meet them!). As many know, getting the opportunity to pitch in front of investors is difficult. We want to make sure you know that these three points are essential for having investors remain engaged during your presentation. 

  • Ensure your company/ startup describes a dynamic market opportunity- One of the main questions investors ask and want to know more about is “what is the total addressable market”? Is your company just serving the US or is it global?  Make sure to discuss the market growth and value the market holds as it continues to grow.  Ensure you have covered any patents you have and the benefits your company can address in this market.
  • Have a credible business plan and investor deck- This is key. Your business plan must be complete, clear and send the right message. LaunchPad is a great tool to utilize. LaunchPad coaches start-up companies in technology and medical technology to include 12 essential points to make their pitch deck stand out. You can read more about that here. 
  • Make sure you discuss a strong exit strategy- Who are the players in the market that may want to purchase your company and what is the value your company is providing to buyers? You will want to explain how your exit strategy is strategic! Discuss if there are any competitors and any past purchases that are similar to your company.

If you are interested in learning more about how LaunchPad can help, you can learn more here.