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    The Success Series, Part II: Preparing a Great Investor Presentation

    The Success Series, Part II: Preparing a Great Investor Presentation

    We went back to speak with Paul Meyer of Veracityto learn more about how LaunchPad SBDChelped with their investors presentation at Technology Innovation Forum.   LaunchPad SBDC works with later stage companies in technology and medical technology to hone in on the companies investor deck.  Since 2010, LaunchPad Alumni have gone on to raise $1.7B in capital infusion.

    Specifically, OCTANe was interested in how Veracity and LaunchPad worked together to shape and improve Veracity’s investor presentation.  In our quick chat, here is what he had to say:

    OCTANe:Paul (PM), thanks for sitting down with us again today.  We are excited to hear more about your experience with OCTANe LaunchPad SBDC and how they helped prepare a great investor presentation.

    PM:Happy to chat with OCTANe!

    OCTANe: How did TIF (OCTANe’s Technology Innovation Forum) help Veracity grow?

    PM:TIF has (and continues to be) been a great way to meet local investors and subject matter experts in Southern California and beyond.  The TIF event also forced us to prepare messaging for non-experts in our field.  The Veracity platform is a very focused and technical solution, and our experience at TIF helped us to describe our value proposition quickly and in an easy to understand format.

    OCTANe: Was LaunchPad and the team helpful in preparing you for your presentation at TIF?

    PM: Forcing us down to a 10-minute format for TIF was helpful, but their real-time feedback and input was invaluable.  The LaunchPad SBDC process forced me to practice my presentation skills for the event, and now my pitch is clear, easy to understand, and effective.

    OCTANe: What did LaunchPad do to prepare you for your funding?

    PM:Introductions to multiple investors all in one place was helpful (TIF), even though we didn’t close any of them for funding.  Every one of my TIF funding meetings made me better prepared for the investors that I eventually closed.

    OCTANe:Amazing.  Glad to know that your meetings proved to be valuable on so many levels.

    OCTANe: How many subsequent rounds have you had?

    PM: We completed a Seed D round of funding ($1.5M), for a total of $4.5M in seed capital raised.  The Seed D round included Microsemi, Hollencrest Capital, and Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL).  We then closed a $1M bridge with SEL, and we are working on an extended bridge ($1.4M) that would include all three investors.  We are preparing for an $8M Series A round to close in September of 2018.

    OCTANe:We are excited to hear about your continued growth in Southern California and Orange County.  We are all looking forward to following you and Veracity grow and scale!  Thanks again for chatting with us…. Until next time.


    Interested in learning more about OCTANe or LaunchPad SBDC? Visit us at

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