Octane Eye Surgery Online Consumer Snapshot for Week of May 21, 2020

Eye care in America is waking up. Trend lines for cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma related Google™ searches showed movement back towards April 2019 levels on a national scale (Chart 1). Cataract and cataract surgery related searches continued their week-over-week increases from April 2020 levels.

  • ‘Buying intent’ questions for LASIK and cataract surgery demonstrated increases this week of approximately 50% (Chart 2) on a national scale.
  • A state-by-state analysis showed states that ‘opened’ three weeks ago (Chart 3) had a month-over-month increase of 63% in total cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma search volume. States that ‘never closed’ also showed strong month-over-month search volume increases of over 55%.
  • States such as New York, New Jersey and Illinois that have ‘not opened’ showed increases in search volume over April, but those increases were significantly lower than states that either never closed or opened three weeks ago

Chart 1-3

Chart 1

Chart 2-3

Chart 2

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 3.59.59 PM

Chart 3

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