Octane Eye Surgery Online Consumer Snapshot for Week of June 6, 2020

The eye surgery related consumer search volume activity continues to trend back toward pre-COVID norms. In fact, LASIK-related searches are about equal to May 2019 levels with specific search query terminology indicating strong interest and action signals.

Full May 2020 search activity provides an opportunity to highlight a number of interesting regional dynamics.  A few of those regional differences are highlighted below.

  • Month-over-month cataract-related search volume comparisons show May 2020 search volume trending strongly toward May 2019 levels (Chart 1). Most of that momentum came in the last three weeks of May and we expect June 2020 levels to be equal or greater than June 2019 search volume.
  • The Southeast and Southwest regional search volume is increasing at a higher rate than the rest of the nation (Chart 2). There are significant opportunities for ophthalmology practices to reach patients online in these areas.
  • Florida and New Jersey provide a sharp contrast in the regional differences in consumer online behaviors (Chart 3). Florida has seen a month-over-month (MOM) increase of 37% in May versus April in combined cataract, glaucoma, and LASIK-related search volume. This was on top of an upward-trending April curve. New Jersey, however, saw only a six percent increase in search volume in May over April.

Chart 1-5

Chart 1:  2020 v. 2019 Cataract Related Search Volume Trends

Chart 2-4

Chart 2: 2020 v. 2019 Cataract Related Search Volume TrendsScreen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.20.24 AM

Chart 3: Florida vs. New Jersey Search Volumes

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