Octane Eye Surgery Online Consumer Snapshot: July 3, 2020

Overall eye surgery related Google searches rebounded last week after a significant dip the prior week as COVID-19 infection rates started to spike. June 2020 eye surgery Google search queries finished at approximately 16% (glaucoma),  22% (LASIK), and 32% (cataract) higher than May numbers (Chart 1). These figures are even stronger when you see that top-of-the funnel search queries related to awareness and information seeking increased significantly in late June. This indicates that new searchers are coming back online, especially in the cataract and glaucoma segments.

The key early-opening markets of Texas, Florida, Arizona also rebounded strongly in the past week to finish June with strong month-over-month growth after a significant drop the week ending June 20 (Chart 2).  Florida and Arizona saw strong cataract search volume growth when compared to May while Texas showed a small decline in June cataract searches while still maintain strong growth in LASIK and glaucoma search volume.

Finally, the significant state-by-state variances in eye surgery related search volume diminished by the end of June. The search volume increase heat map on Chart 3 shows a more constant color distribution versus one month ago. U.S. eye care consumers overall appear to be searching and acting in a less regionally diverse manner than at any time since the onset of COVID-19. This is good news for ophthalmic companies and eye surgeons.


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Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.13.33 PM

Chart 1:   Eye Surgery Related Google Search Queries

  June 2020 vs May 2020 (% Change)

Chart 2-Jul-02-2020-10-32-56-85-PM

Chart 2:   State-By-State Google Eye Surgery Search Query Trends

Texas, Florida, Arizona (Week Ending 6.27.20)

Chart 3-3 

Chart 3:   State-By-State Google Eye Surgery Query Trends

May 2020 vs. June 2020

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