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    Octane Announces Presenting Companies at Tech Innovation Forum 2022

    April 14, 2022, Aliso Vijeo, CA.  Octane, Southern California's leading accelerator announced today the top 8 LaunchPad companies that will be presenting at Tech Innovation Forum 2022. LaunchPad ranks in the top 5 of the nation's Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). These elite companies were selected to pitch at the forum that will be held May 10-11, 2022 at AV Irvine in Irvine, CA.

    Octane Capital & Growth Presenting Portfolio Companies

    Botanisol Analytics- Introducing the world’s first autonomous disease testing kiosk. Fully automated and self-service, it combines the accuracy of a medical lab with the convenience of an ATM machine. Funded by the US Air Force and clinically validated at Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the technology is now deployed in challenging 3rd world environments. It has two formats. One is built for national security and the other is coming to a neighborhood near you. What if you could go to your corner grocery store and be instantly screened for any disease, with no doctor's appointment and no insurance necessary? 

    Mobix Labs- Founded in 2020, Mobix Labs Inc. provides True Xero™ latency connectivity solutions for 5G wireless and high bandwidth cable networks. The company develops ultra-compact, fully integrated, single-chip, single-die, CMOS-based mmWave beamformers, antenna solutions and RF/mixed signal semiconductors necessary for mmWave 5G and next-generation wireless products. The company also develops hybrid active optical cables, transceivers and optical engines for the data center, home entertainment and consumer electronics markets. Based in Irvine, Calif., Mobix Labs also has offices in San Jose, Phoenix and Shanghai.

    Trubify- Trubify is an award-winning, disruptive dual-impact music streaming technology platform. Innovations in artist revenue streams & services creates a unique and intimate interactive experience between artists and fans. The technology is uniquely-differentiated and is disrupting a $30B segment of a $100B industry. The application (available for iOS, Android, and Web) empowers artists to monetize their live and recorded content in innovative ways. Superfans feel more connected and can experience music with other fans. Trubify provides discrete modular revenue features with higher payouts to artists than any other platform, and enables musicians, producers, and content creators to earn a living making music.

    LaunchPad Presenting Companies

    Aberythmic LLC- Aberythmic LLC specializes in the development of automated visual effects applications for professional beauty retouching. Founders Colin & Greg Strause (Avatar, Benjamin Button) have now created FOY (Fountain Of Youth), a beauty retouching app that utilizes cloud based A.I. for editing videos/photos at any resolution in 32-bit floating point color space. Men & women can process their media using the same quality of the software tools used in blockbuster films, but with one major advantage – they can see photorealistic results with just one tap of a finger - no VFX skills are required. FOY will be the premier Hollywood retouching tool. High ticket sales and long sale cycles require more than a checklist and sentiment scores. Cyrano understands what actually matters to your customer, and helps you connect with them better than ever. With simple, custom, actionable advice given before a meeting starts, Cyrano is unlike anything else on the market today.

    Navigate is GPS for Conversations. Cyrano Navigate improves your understanding of customers with its patented AI that approaches conversations strategically. Rather than provide a checklist or a script, our software provides insights into the priorities and thought patterns of your customer so you can improve your conversation and relationships.

    Navigate analyzes conversations from Zoom, email, and other conversation platforms to provide you with advice to help you better understand the people in your meeting. Navigate will offer insights about each meeting participant and advice for how to collaborate, resolve conflicts, and negotiate with them.

    Homepie- Homepie is the only true FSBO (for sale by owner) home selling marketplace with all the technology needed to sell your own home with ease, similar to self-selling a car. Our proprietary technology walks a home seller step-by-step through the home selling process from listing, to offer negotiation, and automatic production of an eSigned purchase contract through closing. This seamless process is akin to what Turbo Tax did for filing tax returns. Buyers locate homes, make offers, and negotiate directly with sellers. We have solved for the cost, communication, and complexities of selling a home.

    Quidient- Quidient is a deep tech startup in a fast-growing 3D imaging field called Generalized Scene Reconstruction (GSR). GSR solves a critical problem for companies across the globe by making the creation of virtual scenes from images accurate, affordable, and automatic. Quidient’s flagship software platform is designed to run on ubiquitous devices like smartphones and AR glasses. The Company’s first mover position is protected by a strong portfolio of patents. Quidient’s products promise to transform markets like insurance, e-commerce, telehealth, entertainment, and the Metaverse. The Company already has industry-leading customers representing some of the top brands in the world. 

    Smerf-Smerf is a technology platform created by a team of lifelong gamers to address the nuanced issues of online gaming that are too pervasive to be ignored. Smerf connects the rapidly expanding gaming universe via its universal ID, API and social platform -- bringing together the world's leading video game publishers, and partners at all levels of the gaming industry, for the first time to ensure that the time players spend with their favorite games is more rewarding than ever before. Smerf provides game creators plug-and-play tools to create a safer, more inclusive, and more engaging online experience for gamers.

     Veloce-Veloce Energy’s platform makes it faster and cheaper to install faster charging for electric vehicles for all uses. We reduce EV charging station CAPEX 50% and OPEX 30% by using our VPort purpose-designed, compact, modular, battery energy storage system, our FastConnect modular above-ground power and communications system, and operational software. Our systems work with all sizes and brands of EV chargers. The VPort also cost-effectively replaces utility distribution grid upgrades caused by residential electrification and EV charging, while providing resilience and grid services. Our founders have over 100 years of relevant experience exponentially scaling companies. Our products are commercially available.

    Startup Showcase

    Realize MD- Meet RealizeMD – An AI-Driven Visual Data SaaS Platform Based on Real Results. We're liberating highly regulated visual data that would otherwise be non-accesible due to privacy restrictions. Our Visual Data as a Service (VDaaS) turns medical visual data into explainable AI, enabling privacy compliant visualization of plastic surgery, dental, and medical aesthetics procedures, which would otherwise be impossible to access. AI-based patented algorithms allow clinics to use all before & after visual results while safeguarding patient's privacy, creating the world’s largest repository of before & after images. RealizeMD - Creating a New Language for Visual Medical Results, Liberating Highly Regulated Medica Visual Data

    Restoic- Restoic is an app-based mental fitness platform that empowers athletes to increase confidence, decrease anxiety, and optimize performance. Developed in collaboration between sport psychologists and world class athletes, Restoic bridges the gap between knowledge and practice to transform an athlete's mobile device into a dynamic competitive advantage. Our methodology applies scientifically proven cognitive-behavioral methods for performance enhancement, focusing on the five most prominent psychological skills (i.e. Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Imagery, Relaxation, and Concentration) that are needed for both mental and physical success. Restoic is proven and trusted by athletes at all levels. Train the mind. The body will follow. 

    SEEKERZSEEKRZ is a trading, authentication and aggregation platform in pre-owned streetwear market which combines independent brick and mortar streetwear stores into a unified virtual chain. It aggregates the store inventory and the individual customer inventory on the marketplace and makes it available for trading. Our target markets are Gen Z and the young at heart millennials, who want to buy or trade sneakers, apparel, and accessories in the in a $18B pre-owned luxury streetwear US market

    Consumer to consumer sales and trades as well as store to store and store to consumer sales can take place on SEEKRZ.

    Unlike other marketplaces such as EBay, ETSY and StockX, SEEKRZ provide a virtual warehouse creating a larger inventory for all participants, offering certification to ensure authenticity, and a system of trading and transactions which is fast, convenient, and easy to use via mobile device or desktop.

    Vusar- Vusar is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform that simplifies the viewing, sharing and presenting of 3D design assets from the comfort of your mobile device. Customers can securely manage and tokenize AR content, share AR content across social platforms to promote & build your AR community, and direct viewers to transact on products and NFT’s. Revenue generated via annual subscription model, Non-Recurring Revenue from 3D rendering and tokening services, and ad revenue from sponsored content. Vusar is used by artists, engineers, sales teams and more. 

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