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    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight- NGD Systems

    This week, Octane is featuring, NGD Systems, Inc. , a Technology Innovation Forum 2018 LaunchPad Success Story.  NGD Systems is a company that manufactures and markets high capacity NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSD).  LaunchPad is nationally recognized and ranks in the top 5 of all Small Business Development Centers. LaunchPad has helped over 600 companies since 2010 and has an 86% funding rate.  Octane is thrilled to showcase this innovative company that has won several awards and recently raised $20M in Series C Funding.

    NGD Systems is leading a green environmental solution for consumption of power in storage devices while enabling compute within their drives.  They enable large amounts of data to be stored, where the cloud is impractical. Finally, they bring compute processing of information for large databases locally, reducing the need to process in the cloud.

    The LaunchPad process was instrumental for the team at NGD Systems.  It enabled them to get visibility to resources they would have not encountered otherwise.  Since LaunchPad, NGD Systems has seen their company grow tremendously.  They have engaged with large and important customers to help increase their revenue and continue to strengthen their resources to effectively commercialize their products.  Now, they are expecting to begin the development of their next series of products.

    In addition to NGD systems recent raise, they have had many accomplishments in the past three months!  NGD Systems won the Cool Vendor award from Gartner and 451 Research announced NGD Systems as a “Firestarter” innovation award recipient.  They also released their 8, 16 and 32 Terabytes of capacity, which has the smallest footprint and least power consumption in the storage industry. 

    What’s next for NGD Systems as they look forward to 2020?  NGD systems wants to reclaim Orange County as the home of advanced storage technologies and continue their leadership in the storage technology sector with their next generation product.  Finally, they look to hire the best computer scientists, marketing, sales and finance talent in Orange County.

    Thank you to NGD Systems for sharing their success with Octane.  If your company is looking to scale apply to LaunchPad today to refine your investment capital strategy!

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