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    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight: Fischer Imaging, Inc.

    Our second feature of our LaunchPad Alumni features Fischer Imaging, Inc.  Read below to see what they have been up to since graduating from LaunchPad.

    Tell us a bit about your company!

    We are developing slot-scanning imaging systems for breast cancer detection.

    How did the LaunchPad Process help your company?

    The LaunchPad Process helped us develop our pitch and presented one of the first opportunities to present it to a larger audience.

    In the past three months has your company received any accolades that you would like to share?

    We have received 2 NIH Phase I SBIR grants and an advanced industries grant from the state of Colorado. We have also partnered with Hamamatsu Corporation.

    How has your team grown since graduating LaunchPad?

    We are pleased that we have added another PhD and two contractors to expand our team.

    What’s next for your company in the next year?

    We will continue our existing research projects to develop our device. We are applying for a Phase II NIH grant to further develop our project. We continue to search for additional outside funding.

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