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    Ophthalmology Innovation | 1 min read

    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight- Eyes 4 Lives

    This week we are spotlighting, Eyes 4 Lives, Inc., a 2017 MedTech Innovation Forum LaunchPad Presenting Company.  Eyes 4 Lives is a Los Angeles based startup company with the mission to find an effective and low-cost solution to minimize or prevent Digital Eye Strain, that’s affecting close to 80% of Americans due to our addiction to cell phones, tablets, and computers. The founder, Dr. Roger Wu, is an optometrist and keynote speaker at NASA and ErgoExpo on Digital Eye Strain. The Technical Co-Founder, Mr. Jan Biermeyer, is a serial entrepreneur and a computer vision/machine learning expert.

    The LaunchPad process was very effective for the Eyes 4 Lives team.  In addition to helping them prepare for their investment capital strategy, they were also introduced to their CTO, Jan Biermeyer.   LaunchPad has a vast network of individuals throughout Southern California that want to see companies build and grow whether it’s through capital or employees. 

    The LaunchPad team was also instrumental in the growth of Eyes 4 Lives.  After LaunchPad, they pivoted their business model and now currently focus on licensing/embedding their functionalities into millions of future devices, with the help of Quanta Computer, Intel, and a leading AI chip manufacturer.

    The Octane team is thrilled to announce that Eye 4 Lives has had some recent success in the past three months.  They came in second place at Silicon Valley Funding Summit during CES in Las Vegas in February as the most investable project among 49 entries. They are also working with a leading AI chip manufacturer from Taiwan to make their software a standard feature in future mobile devices and computers.

    What’s next for Eyes 4 Lives? They are fine tuning the embedded version of the software, conduct a clinical study on both the efficacy of our concept and the potential of decreasing workers comp claims.

    Congratulations on the success of Eyes 4 Lives.  If your company is interested in growing, building or enhancing, apply to LaunchPad today!

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