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    Tech Start Up Success Story | 1 min read

    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight- Cerenetex, Inc.

    This week, Octane is featuring a 2019 LaunchPad Medical Technology Innovation Forum Presenting Company, Cerenetex, Inc.  Cerenetex is solving the problem of delayed stroke treatment from subjective stroke exams.  Delays in treatment can run as long as 2.5 hours with a patient losing 1.9 million neurons a minute, leading to devastating outcomes.  Cerenetex is developing a device to enable large vessel occlusion (LVO) ischemic stroke detection and management.

    Octane is thrilled to report that in the past three months, Cerenetex has received additional funding to complete an MVP that will be used in the pilot study to provide objective data. We have a new strategic partnership with University of Buffalo Medical Center, a preeminent center in the U.S. for neuro-endovascular research and development, to complete a two-phase pilot study.

    In addition, the company has grown since they have worked with LaunchPad, leading up to their presentation at the Med Tech Innovation Forum.  Tim Hays joined the organization as CTO and Michael Horowitz, MD joined as the Chief Science Officer and will head up the clinical study initiatives.

    Cerenetex, Inc and CEO, Ben Bobo talked about how LaunchPad process helped their company.  Bobo said “LaunchPad brings industry professionals with tremendous experience and insights to review your companies pitch.  It will produce a clear, concise and impactful presentation to the investor community.  The process has yielded multiple conversations with investors including a term sheet for the Seed round.”

    What’s next for Cerenetex, Inc? Cerenetex, Inc, has a lot to look forward to in the next twelve months.  They plan to achieve the following: complete the development of engineering MVP, complete a two-phase engineering pilot study, close on a $4 M in seed round funding, FDA Pre-sub meeting and develop the clinical MVP for FDA clinical study.

    Congratulations to Cerenetex on their recent accomplishments.  Octane is looking forward to watching them grow and scale over the next few years.  If your company is interested in refining their investor capital presentation, apply to LaunchPad!

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    Tech Start Up Success Story

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