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    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight: Agragene

    OCTANe has started a mini series featuring LaunchPad Alumni.  We want to share the accolades and achievements that our Alumni have received with the OCTANe ecosystem.

    Tell us about your company!

    Agragene is an agricultural biotechnology company that is commercializing environmentally sustainable crop and insect control products. We use CRISPR-based genome engineering technologies to engineer desirable traits in crops and insects. Our high-level mission is to dramatically reduce global pesticide use, increase worldwide crop plant productivity and eradicate mosquito-borne diseases. Agragene’s proprietary technology platform covers the ecological uses of highly selective genetic elements in living organisms. We have pioneered the use of Precision-Guided Sterile Insect Technology that is safer, eco-friendly and cheaper than currently used chemical pesticides. Both global warming and dramatic human population growth have contributed to escalating food insecurity, famine, disease and a dramatic intensification of crop losses due to invasive species migration. Almost 6 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used each year. By 2050 more than 9.7 Billion humans will need a vastly more productive and intelligent food production and human natural health system. Agragene’s technology can provide species-selective, geographically appropriate and Eco-friendly solutions to these very serious problems.

    Describe the LaunchPad process for you and how it helped your company

    The LaunchPad Process helped both myself and Agragene. Personally I gained more confidence in my presentation abilities and the coaching to craft a more focused presentation was excellent. Agragene is now better poised to engage with investors with a highly informative and concise pitch deck. The feedback from the primary member meeting was excellent and helped to solidify the corporate strategy.

    In the past three months has your company received any accolades that you would like to share with the OCTANe ecosystem? 

    Agragene has engaged with  top-teir Ag-specific VC group to fund  our Seed Round. We have progressed to Due Diligence and anticipate transformation funding for Agragene by year end.

    How has your company grown since LaunchPad?
    Since LaunchPad, we have hired several additional consultants, a Chief Business Officer and pitched to several Ag-specific VC groups

    What’s next for your company in the next year?
    As Agragene meets near term milestones on the path to product commercialization we anticipate a large Series A round. The current VC group funding our Seed Round has stated their willingness to be the key Lead investor in the A round.



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