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    Tech Innovation | 2 min read

    LaunchPad Alumni Company, Conectric, Enhanced by SenSING Collaboration


    Building efficiency and well-being is enhanced by Conectric and SenSING collaboration

    San Diego, CA December 5, 2019

    Conectric Networks is a Southern California based wireless IoT start-up and recent awardee in the Southern California Energy Innovation Network, World Trade San Diego MetroConnect, OCTANe LaunchPad SBDC and Telecom Industry Council Innovation Showcase accelerator programs and is actively pursuing global market expansions. Conectric and SenSING Private Limited have entered into a strategic agreement to collaborate on enhancing efficiency, comfort, well-being and health of occupants by creating smart indoor environments. SenSING provides a total workplace management platform including IoT devices to monitor and improve occupant health and efficiency. SenSING currently has customers in ASEAN markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

    The SenSING offering “Creates More Efficient Indoor Spaces”: The platform is personalized to the customer and analyzes data collected from sensors to understand how indoor environments affect occupants. Metrics around environmental conditions including workstation occupancy, Air Quality, (CO2, PM 2.5 and TVOC) levels, temperature, humidity, noise and light and even energy consumption are used to assess the health of the building.

    “Although we started from a deep technical background in IoT devices, SenSING realized early on that the focus should be the fact that people spend 90 % of their time inside buildings, and so there is a critical need to consider their health and well-being in relation to the environment,” says Anu Kondepudi, Chief Everything Officer for SenSING. “We have made extensive efforts to identify key metrics related to indoor health and overall operational efficiencies that can be measured and have developed an easily scalable and manageable platform”. 

    SenSING’s market demand has been strong in offices, campuses, hotels, agriculture and industrial environments. Conectric’s ultra-scalable wireless sensor private networking and sensor pack devices provide the ideal solution for SenSING’s entry into these highly scaled, sensor dense, and security conscious environments. 

    “Conectric’s technology and partnership model was really designed to enable leaders like SenSING in the fast growing, global building analytics space,” according to Conectric CEO, Phillip Kopp. “We are enabling seamless customer experiences by delivering highly granular, scalable and real-time building data directly on the network edge in the globally unlicensed ISM band. This is ideal for large buildings like hotels, factories and warehouses whose ownership can span 100’s of locations in multiple countries. We are very excited about the potential of this collaboration and helping SenSING achieve their global expansion goals.”

    After performing the systems integration and field testing, Conectric and SenSING will launch the combined solution, making it commercially available to global customers in December 2019. SenSING seamlessly displays data and analytics captured from Conectric’s environmental, occupancy and energy related sensors and can be aggregated in the cloud or run on the edge.

    About Conectric

    Conectric Networks provides easy to use, wireless mesh technology enabling billions of battery powered sensors, devices, software and Artificial Intelligence to communicate autonomously. Conectric technology is found in wireless sensors, routers and an open API solution and has been named a 2019 top communications technology by the Telecom Industry Council. Our goal is to realize a more productive, safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable world. Visit the Conectric website at

    About SenSING

    SenSING is a Singapore-based IoT and Data Analytics company focused on the most valuable asset in the Built Environment: people. SenSING provides real-time “state of the building” solutions related to environmental conditions and spatial analysis. Our multi-modal sensors, rich data visualization, cloud data storage and data analytics, coupled with our personalized yet anonymized feedback app, is focused on the Built Environment including but not limited to commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities, agriculture and warehouses. For more information visit the SenSING website at


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