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    Foundations for Success that are Key to Influencing the Tech and MedTech Ecosystem in Orange County

    What is OCTANe? Foundations for Success that are Key to Influencing the Tech and MedTech Ecosystem in Orange County

    Bill Carpou, CEO, explains the four cornerstones of OCTANe and how they can help your company.

    OCTANe Connect- Engage, connect and learn at OCTANe’s Annual Signature Events and Programs.  Whether it’s through our four Signature Events or through our 20+ Programs focused on relevant, timely content, OCTANe events provide the premier experience to network and engage with the Southern California Technology ecosystem

    OCTANe LaunchPad-  LaunchPad works with technology and life science entrepreneurs seeking Late Seed, Series A and Series B funding ($500K-$25M) and help companies refine their investment capital strategy.  With over 600 successful LaunchPad Alumni since 2010 and an 86% funding rate, LaunchPad ranks in the top 5 out of over 900 SBDCs in the United States. 

    OCTANe Growth Services- Growth Services helps create the plan and strategy for your company to grow our vetted premier network. Through preferred rates and services, investment funding partners, and back office support, we have the assets and expertise for your company to succeed. 

    OCTANe Capital- Driven by our strategic partnerships with VC, Corporate VC, Family Offices, Private Investors and Angels, our goal is to attract global capital directly to the region and to get more SoCal companies funded. We also partner with Visionary Venture Fund, a leading ophthalmology fund with 30% IRR. 

    Watch the interview here.


    Ben Bobo (BB): So what would you say are the foundations for success that are keys to impact MedTech, and Tech ecosystem in Orange County? I know you showed me at one point, a slide of, what do you call it four cornerstone slide? Could you walk us through that?

    Bill Carpou (BC): Yeah, so you know, we talk about this repeatedly. We've got, we've got four cornerstones inside of OCTANe. The first is OCTANe Connect and, it's really think of it as content, thought leadership, and it's where we have our major conferences each year.

    The second is OCTANe LaunchPad and it's our accelerator. So we run about 40 companies through a year, 86% of which get funded in aggregate since 2000 they've been funded over $2 billion and we've had almost a billion dollars of liquidity events.

    The third cornerstone is OCTANe Capital and it's our relationships with the venture community, family offices, and recently private investors. So we've just brought on board a director of capital markets.

    And the fourth still a relatively new component platform for us is growth. It's Growth Services. And that's being led by an individual that joined us a little bit over a year ago. And the intention there is, once we get this company's funded in that early stage, is to help them accelerate growth, get up the revenue curve, and, and just make a contribution to job growth that much faster.

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