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    6 Key Points to Consider for a Stand Out Pitch Deck

    When developing your pitch deck, strongly consider the following structure we have outlined below. It’s important to keep in mind who your audience is and their knowledge of your product. Make sure your presentation shows that you have developed a concise business case that aligns with potential investors and ensure that your slides are kept simple and easy to read. 

    1. Share a compelling story- Consider telling a short and true event in your presentation that engages the audience and shows your understanding of the problem you are solving. The story should include people who have experienced these problems and how your product can solve that problem. Keep this memorable and short.
    2. Define the Market Size- Define the market landscape and the total addressable market of your specific target market. Using data to describe your target market is essential, to show that this number is validated (and preferable to investors). Ensure you discuss realistic market share projections when you address how your company will enter the market. Using graphics here helps the audience visually understand the market.
    3. Go to Market Strategy- What is your go to market strategy? What is your marketing and sales strategy and what channels are necessary to be employed?  Describe your target customer, typical offering and revenue model. Include where you fit in the value chain as well as what your customer acquisition plan looks like.
    4. Competitive Landscape and Differentiation- Address your current and potential competitors and developing technologies that may be competitive to your company/product. Provide a chart or graphic that shows your analysis on each major competitor and compare it to your key product features.  When you discuss the differentiation in your product, explain how what you offer is different than your competition.  How does your intellectual property help you sustain this competitive advantage? Include how long each advantage should last and discuss gaps and the plan to address these gaps.
    5. 3 - 5 Year Financial Projection- Provide a three to five-year financial forecast that shows metrics. Identify the assumptions and drivers as to how you based this forecast. Include a summarized forecasted P&L as well as capital requirements. 
    6. Management Team- Your management team is key to showing an investor why your product/ company will be successful. Include academic credentials or relevant experience. Highlight any startup experience. If you have an advisory board, include these people as well.  

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