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    Events Med Tech Tech | 2 min read

    OCTANe Hosts Women Leader's Event Kickoff

    In October 2018, OCTANe announced its Women Leader’s of OCTANe Initiative with the mission to support women in their career development and growth by:

    • Providing aligned resources & networking opportunities
    • Get more women- operated companies in SoCal Funded
    • Drive Innovation and growth in our Southern California Ecosystem
    With our kickoff event, we engaged over 50 men and women who were eager to move the initiative forward.  Attendees included entrepreneurs, investors, strategic advisors, universities and executives.

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    Bill Carpou, CEO, OCTANe: I think what we want to do on this in terms of an objective is level the playing field. And we want to be inclusive, not exclusive. So this is not about creating a forum for women to meet together, but really for a very diverse group of individuals inside the community to help female entrepreneurs.

    Kelly Barba, Client Development Director, K&L Gates: As the chair of the women leaders of OCTANe our specific mission is focused on four core outcomes: to get more women operated companies through OCTANe's LaunchPad Accelerator program, to get more women operated companies funded, to create career development opportunities by aligning resources across OCTANe's ecosystem as well as creating both powerful and inclusive networking opportunities. And lastly is to connect women leaders to available board seats that are both public and private.

    Dr. Andrew Lyon, Dean Flower School of Engineering, Chapman University: So by being able to interact with all of these executives from the SoCal ecosystem, we're able to figure out exactly what knobs to turn in our educational programs that provides the best training and education for our students and enables them to be highly successful as they go into their first jobs.

    Kim Letch, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young: I didn't know others within Orange County. And it really connected me with attorneys and bankers, scientists, investors, and it was a really great way to, uh, to broaden my footprint in the community.

    Ashley Good, Fo-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Part & Parcel: OCTANe has a really open culture. Everyone is very approachable, very friendly, no matter if they're a senior executive at a big company and the community to startup entrepreneurs going through LaunchPad, convening together at conferences, mingling in the innovation forum areas to seeing panels, lunchtimes, board meetings. There's just so many opportunities at OCTANe has created for people to come together.

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