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    Not Your Usual Virtual Meeting at Ophthalmology Technology Summit 2020

    We are excited to unveil our fresh approach to our new virtual Ophthalmology Tech Summit because this meeting is not just another webinar. This event is a yearly success because of our amazing attendees, so we're making sure that every part of Ophthalmology Technology Summit is all about you, the attendee. Below, you will find just a few reasons why this virtual event will be like no other.

    Why Ophthalmology Technology Summit Will Not be Your Average Virtual Meeting:

    Top-Notch Content- Featuring innovative industry and top physicians, Ophthalmology Technology Summit’s agenda is driven by leaders discussing groundbreaking topics that will shape the future of Ophthalmology. See our agenda and speakers. Attendees will also be able to access the recording from each panel after the event.

    Curated Networking Breaks- The agenda will be full of breaks and time to network with one another- just one reason that makes attending Ophthalmology Technology Summit so great year after year!  Catch up with colleagues or connect with attendees or meet someone new. Our platform will allow you to connect, meet and network before, during and after the conference.

    Live Q&A- Get your questions answered from our panelists during the event!  Our platform will allow questions to be submitted during each panel or keynote session so that you can get your questions answered.

    Studio- Quality Production- We’ve partnered up with a production company to ensure that each session and panel looks and feels like the Ophthalmology Technology Summit that you have come to expect and know.  Our production company is seasoned in virtual events and we have partnered with them to make this event interactive and adapted to fit the new format, without sacrificing the quality of content or ease of networking.

    Connect with Attendees Nationwide- A benefit of a virtual event is that you can meet, network and engage with attendees, peers and speakers from all over the nation.  Our platform allows you to connect before, during and after the event so that you can make the most of your time at this year’s Ophthalmology Technology Summit!

    Join us at Ophthalmology Technology Summit on August 6-8.

    Register Here.

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