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    Innovation | 1 min read

    Navigating 2021- Extreme Innovation in the COVID Era

    Our partners at SCS have provided Octane with a white paper highlighting the changes we’ve seen in business as a result of the pandemic and what we can expect moving forward. There have been shifts in behaviors to all industries and companies and everyone organizations had to stay relevant. Here are some highlights that you can expect to find in this insightful and well written document.

    • There has been extreme innovation from a changing digital landscape. Through this we’ve seen the way that content is presented and consumed and seen a large spike in ecommerce and remote work tech.
    • The work from home culture is shifting and companies are continuing to adapt. Many companies are planning to terminate or reduce the size of their lease.
    • There has been a greater focus on health and ways to find comfort due to increased anxiety.
    • Marketing approaches have changed due to the ever changing landscape that include being agile, delivering a sense of safety and one of the most important, enhancing digital capabilities.

    Thank you again to SCS.

    Read the full paper here.

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