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    LaunchPad Aesthetics Tech Summit Presenting Company: Cypris Medical

    As part of our feature series on the LaunchPad Presenting Companies of the Aesthetics Technology Summit, we recently talked to CEO of Cypris Medical, Dan Holton. Continue reading to learn more about Cypris, their innovations for less invasive procedures, and their plans for the future at ATS 2020.

    What does Cypris Medical do?

    Cypris Medical develops and commercializes medical devices that make plastic surgery less invasive.

    How did you start and what drove you to create Cypris Medical?

    We started Cypris Medical because we saw a lack of product development focused on the plastic surgeon. Our founders have significant experience in large cap med device companies and understand the challenges these types of projects present in the context of the larger development portfolio. A startup like Cypris Medical is well suited to tackle these projects in the early stages when there is more risk and uncertainty. 

    How do you see your company being part of the medical aesthetics industry in the future?  

    We see ourselves as “THE plastic surgery” company, improving patient outcomes by focusing on the needs of the surgeon

    How did you get involved with LaunchPad and OCTANe?

    The OC is the “center of the aesthetic universe” and it was critical we have a presence there, one of our co-founders is based in the OC and has been a member of OCTANe.

    What opportunities excite you the most about presenting at ATS 2020?

    We’re excited to share our innovation story with the all the attendees of ATS 2020 whether it be a clinician interested in our device, an investor interested in learning about the huge untapped market, or a patient learning for the first time about a less invasive surgical option.


    Dan Holton Cypris Medical Headshot

    Dan Holton will be presenting Cypris Medical at ATS 2020

    Cyrpris Medical Logo Square


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