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    LaunchPad Announces the Elite 8 Companies at MedTech Innovation Forum

    October 8, 2020, Aliso Viejo, CA. Octane, Southern California's leading accelerator announced today the top 8 LaunchPad companies that will be presenting at MedTech Innovation Forum on October 27-30, 2020. LaunchPad ranks in the top 5 of the nations Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). Companies were chosen from over 160 companies that applied to present. Those companies part of this process include rigorous presentation prep and refining and feedback from top experts across multiple industry verticals. 

    Final 8 LaunchPad Presenting Companies:

    Apisafe Solutions- Aspisafe Solutions is a medical device company that manufactures feeding related devices. It has two products that will launch in the next 6 months and one in the pipeline. Its flagship product is the Aspisafe NG+, a feeding tube with a patented communicating balloon technology that prevents reflux related pneumonia. Current feeding tubes facilitate pneumonia by increasing stomach reflux into the lungs. This costly non-reimbursable complication eats out of the hospitals’ bottom line. The Aspisafe NG+ prevents reflux, reduces the incidence of pneumonia, improves clinical outcomes and reduces hospital costs.

    Avisi Technologies- Avisi Technologies, Inc., is developing a nanotechnology-enabled implant called VisiPlate to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, affecting over 160 million people by 2025. 20x thinner than an eyelash, VisiPlate relieves intraocular pressure via a network of open microchannels rather than a single-lumen tube. The advanced materials and design of VisiPlate aim to better control intraocular pressure while reducing postoperative complications and costs. Avisi has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, University of Pennsylvania, and others. Avisi is a member of Johnson & Johnson JLABS, MedTech Innovator Accelerator, and UCSF Rosenman Institute.

    Coala Life- Coala Life is a medical device company leading the transition to remote and real-time cardiac and respiratory diagnostics. The company has developed a portfolio of CE- and FDA-cleared medical products and services enabling patient-empowered remote monitoring and analysis of heart and lungs, powered by smart algorithms. The Coala Heart Monitor (Coala®) was introduced in Scandinavia in 2017 and further in the US and selected EU countries in 2019. Over 300 healthcare providers are connected globally to the Coala Care portal using the platform for virtual and long-term patient monitoring. The unique innovations have received multiple prestigious awards and supported by over USD 25 million in funding.

    Expy Health- The healthcare system is undergoing a major shift from a fee-for-service payment model to value-based care. Healthcare providers are now responsible for ensuring patient recovery within a budget and need to monitor patients outside of the facility to increase compliance, improve outcomes, and generate new revenues. Our mobile app & wearable device helps patients stay on track with their plan of care while remaining connected to their physician. Providers access our web dashboard to assign tasks, view patient adherence, monitor recovery progress, and remotely track real-time movement data. Our proprietary algorithms process data to report insightful analytics to both patients and providers.

    KA Imaging- KA Imaging has designed and developed a portable, large area, color X-ray detector that enables bone and tissue differentiation, a key advantage over current solutions. Our detectors are retrofittable for easy installs and upgrades. Fundamentally, our technology has changed X-ray imaging, which allows for unprecedented soft tissue contrast at the low dose and price point of conventional digital X-ray.

    Nested Knowledge- Medical device and pharmaceutical companies are required by law to systematically review the literature before marketing their therapies. Unfortunately, the process underlying this $9bn industry relies entirely on outdated methods, with skilled PhDs manually sorting and classifying studies, entering data into Excel, and typing their results and methods into a word document.Nested Knowledge produces 1) systematic review automation software 2) interactive, web-based visuals to help researchers, physicians, regulators, and companies interpret literature, and 3) faster, more accurate systematic reviews in the conventional PDF format for regulatory, clinical, and market access applications.

    Remedium Bio, Inc.- Remedium Bio, Inc., is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company, focused on the development of gene therapies addressing significant unmet needs for serious diseases.  The company accelerates product development by combining proven technologies in novel and proprietary ways.  Remedium's lead product, RMD-1201, is a first-in-class, disease-modifying treatment for Osteoarthritis, the most prevalent rheumatic disorder of the 21st century.  RMD-1201 is a single injection potential cure for Osteoarthritis that employs the only therapeutic agent shown to promote cartilage regeneration in clinical studies - FGF-18. This groundbreaking treatment reprograms arthritic joints, creating an environment supportive of cartilage health and regeneration.  The company was founded in 2020 and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Renata Medical- Dustin Armer and Eason Abbott left Edwards Lifesciences after a combined 17 years to start Renata Medical, a company focused on unmet pediatric needs. As 99% of all stents and balloons implanted in the pediatric space are off-label, Renata strives to create simple devices for large and uncontested markets. Renata’s first product is a growth stent for congenital vascular narrowings, providing an option for neonates to prevent multiple open-heart surgeries that are taxing on the patient, the family, and the hospital system at large. The company partnered with leading cardiologists and the FDA to create a capital-efficient plan for device sales.

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