Growth Series Success Series: Volume II

The second Growth Series Success Series took me to the office of Stonegate where I spoke with Marc Pierce, Founder & CEO. Marc shared with me just how OCTANe Advisory Services has helped Stonegate and the resources he has received. Stonegate provides licensed software products, data solutions, and market intelligence, to companies within or serving the healthcare industry. Their featured product STAMP- Strategic Account Management Platform- is a cloud-based platform that can operate independently or together with your CRM system to help you systematically capture the "voice" of your business customers. 

Tell us about STAMP…

STAMP is the industry’s first Retention Automation platform that assesses B2B customer sentiment, significantly improves clients’ ability to retain accounts, increases recurring revenue, and maximizes customer lifetime value.

“It’s cheaper to keep a client then acquire a new one!”  Many B2B companies have worked to automate sales and marketing, but there remains a void in the market to automate retention.  Sales (e.g. Salesforce) and Marketing (e.g. HubSpot) Automation tools are not designed to address retention. Today, companies spend 5-10X more on marketing and sales as compared to retention, when a mere 5% increase in retention can generate an incremental 25-95% in net income.  And, less than 5% of companies systematically reach out to the B2B clients and channel partners to determine how well they are delivering on what is most important to their constituents.  The result: poor customer sentiment, customer churn, and reduced customer LTV.

How did you originally hear about OCTANe’s Growth Services?

I was introduced to OCTANe through a local investor.  Having just recently moved to Orange County from Chicago to grow our SaaS company, I began networking with local investors and businesses to help propel our growth.  We had achieved our first milestone of bringing on 30 enterprises and felt we were ready to raise our Series A.  We found OCTANe to be the ideal organization to help us with this next step.

How did Growth Services assist you?

In a short amount of time, OCTANe introduced us to possible investors and strategic partners, as well as potential clients.  OCTANe also helped us refine our pitch deck and approach.  Finally, OCTANe provided excellent exposure through speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

What has your experience been working with Growth Services?

Our experience has been absolutely fantastic.  In just a few months, we have received the guidance and introductions we needed to jump start our fund raising efforts.

What are the resources you received?

Introductions, hands on guidance on pitch deck development and pitching, and event sponsorships to increase awareness of our platform.

How do you think that has prepared you for what’s next at STAMP?

We are deep in our efforts to close our Series A.  We anticipate closing a round by end of 2019 or early 2020, at which time we will receive the capital necessary to expand our team and platform, required to accelerate growth in the Enterprise market and enter the Small and Medium business market.

How do you plan to grow and use growth services more/in the future, etc.

We plan to continue leveraging OCTANe for the same level of support provided thus far, and once we receive our funding, tap into OCTANe vast network to help use scale our business.

Learn more about OCTANe here.



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