Five Ways to Bolster Your IT Security Strategy

Octane partner & leader in cybersecurity, CyberScout wants to provide Octane members & partners tools to educate your employees to improve your company’s IT security strategy. Enhancing your process allows a company to strengthen its cyber defenses where they are most vulnerable. CyberScout educates the workforce on how to improve your protection by continually educating your workforce. 

Strengthening your strategy begins with training everyone in the organization by providing them with the tools necessary for cybersecurity. CyberScout discusses and promotes good password hygiene and teaches employees from all divisions how to avoid phishing scams. Once employees have a better understanding of these topics and tools, your company can experiment with practice drills and a solid response plan. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that all businesses be ready with a plan to save all your company’s data, continue running the business, and notify customers if there is a breach. Every team member in the organization plays a vital role in protecting sensitive business data and systems from a cyber-attack.

CyberScout provides us with data points that explain the importance of having a robust cybersecurity plan. Seventy-five percent of employees pose a moderate or severe risk to company data security. Fifty-two percent of business leaders don’t know how to respond to a cybersecurity incident. 

Nearly half of data breaches resulted from human error or system glitches and social attacks like phishing cause more than two-thirds. Only thirty-one percent of employees claim they receive annual cybersecurity training. This indicates that there is a lot of room for improvement As shown in the data on the links below, training every team member in the organization can help prevent these cybersecurity issues. The more education employees have on this topic, the more likely you can avoid your company's cybersecurity problems.

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