Workforce 2020: Building Today's Talent to Meet Tomorrow's Needs

If you missed, Coffee at the Cove, we have you covered.  Coffee at the Cove in September focused on Workforce 2020: Building Today's Talents to Meet Tomorrow's Needs.
Established last year, the Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey captures the preparation plans, readiness, and practices of participants all over the world. We were pleased to welcome Bob Danna and Laci Loew, Pandexio, to discuss planning for Tomorrow’s Workforce at  Coffee at The Cove.  Here are a few things we learned: most organizations are not armed with a workforce capable of meeting “Year 2020+” business goals, almost all organizations plan to shift to a networked organizational structure to support the workforce of the future, almost three quarters of organizations acknowledge new third generation collaboration/knowledge sharing technology will guide critical changes in how Workforce 2020+ gets work done, more than 75 percent of organizations say “analytical thinking” is a requirement for workers of the future.

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