Octane Foundation for Innovation Highlight Part VI: Octane Employee Outreach

For our final piece on our series on Octane Foundation for Innovation, we are focusing on our fifth initiative: Employee Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities.  Octane prides itself on helping serve our community and we also want to share this with our employees as well.  In 2019, we implemented a program providing our employees the opportunity to take two paid days a year to volunteer for a cause of their choosing.  It is exciting to see where each individuals’ passions lie and why they feel so excited about helping this cause.


In addition, Octane partnered with the Orange County United Way and introduced the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud.  United Way joined forces with Salesforce to create Philanthropy Cloud – a next-gen social giving platform to house countless volunteer opportunities and help organizations find the best volunteering options, while also keeping track of the impact we’re making. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve the community through our volunteer hours at Octane, and Philanthropy Cloud will help make the whole process easier.


Octane’s goal for volunteering in 2020 is to use the volunteer hours we’ve been given and get more involved in our community through service. Now, more than ever our team has found its important to give back through service, even virtually. We want to come out of 2020 with the drive to want to DO MORE in 2021! The team has been so excited to start this journey and see our overall impact we contribute in our ecosystem!


When we first were introduced to the OC United Way Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, Octane launched into United Way’s Book Drive and donated over 100 books to children. We are proud to partner with an organization that is so passionate about giving back to our community. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, we have found that food instability is a huge issue on our community and have used our efforts to try and raise $50,000 for the Second Harvest Foodbank. If you would like to participate, you can donate here.

Thank you to our community for supporting Octane!  Now, we want to pass this along and support our community.