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    Octane OC Looks To 2021 And Beyond With Elevation Ventures And Their Foundation For Innovation

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    Below is our recent interview with Bill Carpou, CEO of Octane:

    Q: We spoke to you five years ago when you first started working at Octane. How has Octane evolved over the past few years?

    A: We introduced OES (Octane Enterprise Solutions) which enables greater access for companies to capital markets and the expertise required to grow an enterprise rapidly. Anchored by our non-profit, OES provides a unique opportunity to access these services. Of course, given 2020 and the pandemic we also evolved our conferences and branded them as part of Ignite Events. What we found was that Octane is a content provider and using our digital platform expanded our reach outside of Southern California. Through this we increased the number of individuals who can learn about Octane and why they should build their business in Southern California.

    Q: Briefly tell us about LaunchPad SBDC and its recent success.

    A: LaunchPad continues to be one of the top accelerators in the country, and we are thankful for the support and partnership with the SBDC. In 2020 we had 60 companies complete the process. Those and prior Alumni LaunchPad companies raised $445m in 2020 with another $164m being raised by companies dependent on Octane for support. We continue to see companies performing well with almost 80% remaining operational even after seven years which is at the very top of any related performance metric.

    Q: You also have a consulting group at Octane, how do they help companies grow?

    A: As referenced earlier, OES (Octane Enterprise Solutions) provides a platform for companies to gain access to capital markets including investment banks, institutional VC, strategic VC, and private investors. Additionally, the consulting services provide operational support, financial operations, talent acquisition, and continued growth resources to accelerate company formation and impact.

    Q: Finally, talk to us about some of the initiatives Octane has? (OFI + AI)

    A: Our AI Initiative is new and one that requires a wide range of collaboration among several organizations. Octane is convening a group of over 70 different organizations interested in creating a global hub of innovation for AI, specifically in healthcare. We continue to build a strategy around engagement to assure all resources are applied to create the type of collective impact this initiative requires. Further, our OFI initiatives are focused to the adaption and acceleration of STEM Students, Non-Profits, Women Leaders, and NextGen Leadership. Each of these will make a significant impact and if you would like to learn more please contact Linda DiMario at

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