Measuring Success Through Job Creation

The Definition of Success

OCTANe is working towards creating 22,000 jobs by 2025 and 55,000 jobs by 2030.  Its a big goal, but we feel that we can have direct access to positively impact Southern California.  In the clip below, Bill Carpou, CEO of OCTANe, explains to Ben Bobo about tracking our metrics and success. 


Ben Bobo: How do you measure success? You mentioned that, um, you've had some liquidity events and that's, that's a big way to measure it, but are there specific things you track for those cornerstones? You say, you know, these one or two or three things give us an indication that these programs are really being affected yet?

Bill Carpou: You know, so, so I think, like you were saying about the quality of our conferences, the amount of attendees we've got, the creation of companies in the capital raise is one set of metrics, but the two that were really focused on, and it may be, it's really the one's job creation. Right now. We have forecast at 22,000 new jobs by 2025. We can revise that to 55,000 by 2030 with a, uh, expanded infrastructure and that will build longterm sustainability. So if you look at our strategic plan, it's all about moving towards those 55,000 jobs in job creation, building a sustainable longterm organization.