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    Success Story | 1 min read

    LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight: Enmotus

    This week, Octane is featuring LaunchPad Alumni company, Enmotus for the LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight, a new weekly feature spotlighting the success of Octane’s LaunchPad Accelerator.  Enmotus was a LaunchPad Presenting company at Tech Innovation Forum 2015.  Enmotus’ Machine Intelligent technology tunes in to how you use your computer and automatically adapts the storage in order to deliver a smoother customer experience.  They created a revolutionary new category of Machine Intelligent solid-state storage devices (SSDs), which provides users with uncompromised performance as well as the capacity they require to store all of their data.

    The past three months have been quite successful for Enmotus. They announced both a partnership and future product class - MiDrive (Machine Intelligent Drives) - in collaboration with Phison at the recent CES show in Las Vegas. MiDrive, a new class of products, developed in partnership with Phison, is a revolutionary SSD technology that combines high performance SSD technology with lower cost, high capacity SSD technology on the same SSD. This provides the best of all worlds: performance, endurance, capacity and cost to deliver exceptional value and user experience.  In addition, another success that recently occurred is that Enmotus went from relying on funding in 2018 to profitability in 2019.

    Enmotus mentions that the LaunchPad team “were always a great sounding board and were more than willing to help and listen to our current business plan and provide valuable feedback on how to improve the overall message.”  LaunchPad prepares companies for their investment capital strategy and first round of investment capital.  They help to refine a company investor deck and ensure that companies, like Enmotus, have their plan and strategy in place.

    What’s next for Enmotus? They are preparing to launch the MiDrive product in the next few months and follow up with additional products in the second half of the year.  They are targeting both the consumer PC gaming enthusiasts as well as Tier 1 PC OEMS.

     Congratulations on Enmotus’ recent success!  If your company is interested in going through the LaunchPad process, apply to LaunchPad today!



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