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    How to Build Flexible Hiring Teams

    Times of uncertainty often teach us lessons that ultimately build more effective and engaged teams that will stand the test of time far better than they would have without times of conflict and struggle. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re learning that hiring is always fluctuating and the systems we have in place are often much less flexible than they should be. 

    The model of traditional internal recruiting teams is shifting to allow for the evermore apparent variability. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to augment or add to their team during times of increased hiring, but do not want to be bound by traditional full-time hires. 

    Flexible hiring solutions and Octane

    It’s with that in mind that Octane and RampUp have partnered to provide growing companies with a strategic, flexible, and cost effective approach to expand their greatest asset, their people.  This effort falls in line with Octane’s mission to create 55,000 new jobs in OC by 2030.  

    The most flexible hiring model - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    The most effective hiring strategy opens the door for companies to transfer all or part of their hiring program to a third-party firm. The third-party firm takes ownership of the outcomes and budget - committing dedicated recruiters for a given period of time and hires. It is the best way to scale your team without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. This strategy is called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

    RPO is the most FLEXIBLE hiring solution because the recruiting team is hired and owned by the third-party firm. They take responsibility for their employees who work for you. The best firms have earned awards for workplace engagement and employee satisfaction. 

    Sounds good - but what does that actually mean?

    RPO is truly an extension of your team - driving strategy and delivery in all things hiring. It’s as if you had your own expansive internal team without the burden of building, paying, and managing the individual team members. You’re able to take a step back from the hiring process, including sourcing, recruiting, job/candidate marketing, screening, selection, offer management, interview preparation and scheduling, due diligence, pre-hire paperwork and onboarding. Imagine the third-party firm as an outsourced Chief Talent Officer, where they take complete responsibility for your hiring program from end to end. But keep in mind that even if you have a solid hiring framework and strategy, RPO can plug in to augment particular needs rather than managing from end to end.

    Traditional Direct Hire and Executive Search

    Although RPO is the cool new kid on the block, traditional direct hire recruiting and executive search are both great strategies for any organization experiencing a period of increased hiring, a high priority need, or a hard-to-fill leadership position. Direct hire and executive search are highly successful when connected to RPO solutions. RPO can to build the framework and strategy around all hiring and executive search and direct hire can provide additional support along the way.

    What to look for when augmenting your team

    Finding a great hiring partner comes down to the delivery team that will ultimately be the hunters for your next great hire. Look for third-party RPO firms that have a history of success. RampUp is especially proud of our team. Along with our parent company Hueman, the cultures we’ve built are unlike any others. Together, we’ve been named a Great Place to Work by Fortune 14 years in a row - more than any other company in the country. We bring this energy and expertise  to your hiring - finding you the best talent that will stay engaged for the long run.

    About RampUp:

    RampUp RPO takes a unique technology-focused approach to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, fast. Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows clients to transfer all or part of their recruitment process to RampUp expert recruiters which allows organizations to increase the quantity and quality of hires, during times of high growth or even uncertainty. Our high-tech, high-touch approach coupled with our parent company’s (Hueman People Solutions) history of excellence has made RampUp RPO a uniquely powerful solution. Connect with us:

    RampUP is an Octane Preferred Advisor on the Octane Enterprise Solutions platform. Octane Enterprise Solutions (OES) aligns capital and operational growth resources to support companies as they continue to grow.  RampUp is thrilled to be a part of this effort.  

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