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    Orange County Octane News | 1 min read

    Get to Know Octane CEO, Bill Carpou

    Get to Know OCTANe's CEO, Bill Carpou

    Bill Carpou, OCTANe CEO, discusses more of his background and how he ended up at OCTANe.  With a background in sales and private equity, Bill has now been at OCTANe over 4 years.  See the entire OCTANe team here and hear more about Bill below!


    Ben Bobo: How did you go from the progression of where you started to the CEO of a nonprofit: OCTANe.

    Bill Carpou: Yeah so, I think like anything, it becomes a bit of a journey. So I graduated, I won't give you the exact date so I'll give my age away, but in the late seventies from college and uh, I was fortunate enough to join Xerox and, so I was, I was a copier salesman initially and, it's been 13 years there, but probably not a better organization to have started your career with if you wanted a career professional sales, uh, you know a lot of process, a lot of discipline, um, setting ambitious goals, you know, and, things of that nature. So yeah, I think coming out of college, that was a great, uh, that was a great first step. And as I said, it lasted for 13 years.

    Then the next step in that was really to move to Icon Office Solutions, which was somewhat of the same industry. Uh, and I spent 18 years there. And you know, that that progressed from really just sales and sales management and general sales management, which I had had at Xerox to, um, you know, a more, a, more global approach on things. And, uh, yeah, I'll look it up. The company that, that, that was global, but more importantly, a variety of different positions inside of it. So touched operations, general management, uh, ended with doing M&A, which is what we sold actually with the company to Rico. And I moved on from that stand point.

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