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    Canadian Biotech Receive Octane’s MTIF 2019 LaunchPad Award for a Fight on Cancer

    IntelliStem Technologies, a Toronto based stem Biotech Company, captivated the audience’s attention at OCTANe’s 14th Annual Medical Technology Innovation Forum (MTIF 2019) which was held on October 28th-29th, 2019, at Newport Beach, California. By leveraging Canada’s historical leadership role in discovery and advancement of stem cell sciences, the IntelliStem scientific team, led by Dr. Riam Shammaa, have been able to generate genetically engineered “Super Sentinel Cells™ (SSC’s)” that have the potential to transform cell based Immunotherapies and the development of cancer vaccines.

    Dr. Riam Shammaa, Founder and CEO of IntelliStem Technologies, was referred to OCTANe’s LaunchPad  program through our long running partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles.  Subsequently, passing the LaunchPad’s rigorous mentoring and qualification process, IntelliStem was one of eight companies selected to present at OCTANe’s MTIF 2019.

    Dr. Shammaa’s presentation of the IntelliStem Technology won both the Judges Best LaunchPad Product and the People’s Choice Award for a total of $175K from the OCTANe Growth Services Program.  This was a real endorsement of the importance of IntelliStem’s platforms and its future applications in making the targeted cell therapy accessible to patients around the world.

    IntelliStem’s Super Sentinel Cells™ (SSC’s) have the ability to smartly educate T cells and direct the immune system towards cancer cells with an unprecedented 80% success rate in in-vivo models. The company’s proprietary platform enables the expansion and differentiation of SSCs in fully defined, feeder-free, and serum-free cultures that can be scaled up to create targeted cell therapy for individual patients.  IntelliStem is seeking partnerships with targeted investors and the pharma industry to quickly move this high potential product for a patient cure.

    "This is a true eureka moment! Our genetically engineered ethical stem cells are designed to find cancer cells hiding in the body and signal the immune system to kick in and destroy them. Remarkably, their level of success in targeting and destroying cancer cells is unprecedented at 80%. We could see practical cures for specific cancers in as little as 5-7 years," explains Dr. Riam Shammaa, MD, Founder and CEO of IntelliStem Technologies.

    “This also is an endorsement of OCTANe Growth Strategy, seeking partnership with Consulate General of Canada to expand the connection of SoCal’s business ecosystem with the largest innovation ecosystem North of the Border in Canada.  As a result, the synergistic deal flow between the two innovation power houses has been dynamic and contributing to both region’s competitiveness in an innovation driven global economy,” explains Mohammad Kondri, Trade Commissioner of Life Sciences at the Consulate General of Canada in LA.


    Canadian Scientist Dr. Riam Shammaa receives both the Launchpad‘s best product and people’s choice Award.




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