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    6 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2022

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    Quick, how do you define growth in your business?

    You might have answered with acres, income, team members, new business or a variety of other common answers. What’s interesting is everyone defines growth differently. 

    My personal growth for 2022 is gaining efficiency in what we already do (as in fewer breakdowns, more family time, a quicker harvest and more timely cover crop applications).


    Another area of growth is in our professional proficiencies. A great way to broaden your horizons on areas you’d like to improve is through any number of winter conferences. These are important, and the key is focusing on follow-up and implementation. 

    Are you attending Top Producer Summit in Nashville on Feb. 14-16? Do you need to learn more about farm taxes? Then don’t miss Paul Neiffer’s session on tax strategies. 

    Or, if you’re a large family-owned farm looking at business continuity, you might reach out to Rena Striegel with Transition Point Business Advisors to further discuss changes in your business. She’ll also be in Nashville. 

    Perhaps your leadership team needs a kick-start for 2022. KCoe Isom’s Peter Martin has a background in business success and could help get the ball rolling.

    Regardless of the meeting, area of interest or industry expert you’re speaking with, you should always have a goal for improving your professional proficiencies. It is just as important, and maybe more so, than the growing crop.

    Ideas to grow your business in 2022:

    • Define what growth means to you.
    • Attend information sessions detailing your area of interest and improvement.
    • Pursue additional training based on your findings.
    • Be willing to pay (in time, money — or both) for your new skill set.
    • Attend follow-up training sessions.
    • Make the new skill actionable and practical for your farm business.

      Some of the most well-respected and brilliant minds of various industries reiterate the same message on their success: Work hard, treat people right and never stop learning. Professional proficiency is more than what occurs in the office, between the fence rows or in the shop. 

      In 2022, define what growth means to you, expand your horizons and seek out professional development.\

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