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    4 Tips for Transitioning to Work from Home

    As we all continue to navigate through COVID- 19, know that Octane is a resource for you and your business. We’ve compiled helpful links for you, including how to get assistance from the SBA, thanks to our partner, the Greater Irvine Chamber, as well as several tips we’ve found helpful for working remotely! In addition, as others continue to navigate, we have also provided some links on where you can help out the community, our neighbors in need at this time.

    Like many organizations, Octane has gone virtual. Prior to COVID-19, Octane always relied on face to face interactions. While in-person meetings will always be our strength and the source of the great community in Orange County, the quick pivot to remote meetings and working virtually was smooth, thanks to some great resources we’ve found. We want you to know, we are here, fully operational, and remain as a resource for you.

    In addition, we have compiled four tips for successfully transitioning to work at home.  We have learned a lot this past week, and I am sure you have too.   

    1. Have the Right Software- Make sure that your team is comfortable using the same messaging system and video conference platforms if you do not already use them internally. Here at Octane we are using Slack to for consistent communication throughout the day and Google Hangouts for our internal virtual team meetings.

    2. Set Expectations- Having expectations and internal standards of practice are always important, but understanding what people need from you and communicating what you need from others is even more important when working remotely. You lack the ability to go over to your co-workers’ desk and ask a clarifying questions…set expectations from the start so everyone is one the same page.

    3. Have a Plan- While always a good idea, having an agenda for virtual meetings can make this sometimes unfamiliar form of communication more efficient. This added structure will ensure that productivity is not compromised while working from home.

    4. Keep it Light- Business is important, but it is also crucial to not forget about the social aspects that come with working in an office. Invite a co-worker to catch up and enjoy a coffee just as you would on a regular workday. Just because you are remote does not mean you have to lose those invaluable daily connections we gain from going into the office.


    Read more about Octane's policies and what we're doing to stop the spread of COVID-19 here.

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